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Kei Bennett

Kei is the CEO and Co-Founder of AZ Magazine, an online publication created to provide a voice, safe space and platform for LGBTQ+ Black people and people of colour. They are also the founder of The New Normal Therapy Fund, which provides Black people who have lost a mother/mother figure access to therapy. As a queer community organiser, Kei has also also collaborated with like-minded brands such as UK Black Pride, Stonewall and DJ Mag, to produce events and visual content that create a space for unfiltered voices within the community.

You can follow Kei on Instagram and Twitter:

Instagram: @itskei_b

Twitter: @itskei_b

AZ Magazine:

Instagram: @azmaguk

Twitter: @azmaguk

Kei is a Black person with bleached blond, cropped hair. They wear silver jewellery and a pastel green t-shirt.