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Gemma Nash is a sound artist and digital storyteller whose work focuses on re-imagining the ‘othered’ body and the complex relationship between medicine, disability and ethics. She creates raw, authentic sound narratives to uncover and reimagine stories about people, places and objects. Her work often involves unusual sonic reference points and the the convergence of sound and visual artistic practices.

Nash has exhibited work in a variety of locations, including: art galleries, museums, pop-ups, shopping centres and her own home! Her work has been shown across the UK and internationally, and she regularly works with Metal, Sound and Music and Drake Music. She is also part of Cutter & Nash – a new collaboration with live artist, Gareth Cutter. The collaboration was formed in November 2017 through Metal’s Change Makers project led by creative producer Kate Marsh. Fusing their shared interests in non-normative bodies, voices and queerness, they create eerie and seductive soundscapes using their voices, synthesisers, DAWs and hacked controllers.