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13 On Now

Xhi Ndubisi and Sarah Hunter

Xhi is a North West based interdisciplinary Artist and Producer, her mother told stories, as did her mother’s mother, and possibly the mothers before her. Xhi continues a family tradition; in her home, there is always a story in construction - one about a heart broken by the colour blue, or a woman humbled by a dirty kebab.

Sarah is a Scottish artist, currently living in Manchester but missing wild places. Her work is interdisciplinary, often made in conversation - a kind of broken storytelling, composed always of fragments, and finding form in writing, performance, film, and installation. She is a member of Quarantine’s ensemble of artists and producers. Sarah is interested in the fragility of memory, the politics of vulnerability, and in creating and holding spaces that allow for complex realities to co-exist. She has made and presented works at venues and festivals across the UK and internationally.