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Cherie Grist

Cherie Grist is a contemporary abstract expressionist artist, creating dream utopias in a range of mediums. She combines everything that inspires her - feelings and memories- all into one place with the aim of creating a perfect visual world. Her work records the joys and complexities of our existence in society today and explores themes of identity, purpose, and escapism. She documents her thoughts automatically, by instinct, in a range of scales and techniques and works seamlessly between the fashion, art and design worlds.

"My works are combinations of built-up expressive marks, geometric elements and rhythmic patterns which together form an equilibrium between chaos and calm, visually balancing the two languages. I create to recenter and for a moment of tranquillity. Each finished piece is a world that reaches out, drags you in and keeps you still for a time before leaving you with a feeling of hope and purpose, harmony and peace.”

Cherie was long-listed for the John Moore's Contemporary Painting Prize and shortlisted for The Bridgeman Studio Awards - Gavin Turks Choice, The Cass Art Prize and The National Open Art prize. She graduated from The University of Arts London, studying Fashion Styling and photography and has been part of many art studios/collectives since 2010. After running 104 Duke Street Studios and Gallery for eight years, in 2020 Cherie co-founded Bold Place CIC, a centre for female creative businesses. Bold Place CIC is a community-based initiative for women's creative guidance and workshops and also home to 11 female creative businesses.

Her work is in public and private collections worldwide. She is represented by Singulart, Paris and Shakemaker, Bristol.