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‘The Talk’ Learning Resource – Work in Progress

13th Dec 2021

Marjorie H Morgan shares a taster of the learning resource materials being created as part of ‘The Talk’ Learning Resource due to be launched in 2022.

In 2020 Marjorie H Morgan created ’The Talk', a short 'public service announcement' style film giving a brief insight into the personal impact of racism on the lives of Black young men in the UK. This powerful film inspired Marjorie to create 'The Talk' Learning Resource (TTLR), a companion set of resources to go with the film, that aims to equip teachers with the starting points for wider structured discussions around race and racism, especially in the UK.

Throughout 2021 Marjorie has been developing these resources, which will take the form of a set of four short films, a teachers’ resource pack, and a pack of cards containing twenty short biographies and questions or statements to begin discussions and more learning. Each part of the resource will share the stories and achievements of individuals within Britain who have made varying contributions to British society, and who, in a number of cases, are overlooked or ignored.

‘The Talk’ Learning Resource will launch in 2022, and will be available via the Heart of Glass website as a free resource for teachers/educators and those working with children and young people to support the vital work needed to increase learning, knowledge and understanding of racial literacy.

The main Learning Objectives will be:

- to understand the racial inequality in Britain during the 20th and 21st centuries by exploring the life experiences of the 20 individuals identified in this resource pack

- to demonstrate understanding of the routes to career and social progression whilst encountering racism in Britain

- to demonstrate what racism looks like in contemporary British society

- to look at racial stereotypes

In anticipation of the launch next year we are sharing a preview of two films that form an essential part of 'The Talk' Learning Resource. The two films explore the lives and lived experiences of Dr Nira Chamberlain, President of the Institute of Mathematics, and Professor Sir Godfrey H.O. Palmer OBE who kindly worked and shared their stories with Marjorie and the creative team, Gabriel Morgan (MT IN-HOUSE DESIGN) and Jazamin Sinclair.

'The Talk' Learning Resource

Dr Nira Chamberlain

Prof Sir Godfrey H.O. Palmer OBE

'The Talk', and associated resources are intended to stimulate discussion, education and conversation into the reality of some aspects of life lived while Black in the UK, in the hope that barriers will be removed and equality and equity of opportunity and access will increase.

We would like to give thanks to everyone who has contributed to the development of the ‘The Talk’ Learning Resource and take a moment to acknowledge the time, effort, emotional labour and resource that has gone into and continues to go into the creation of this work.

If you would like to find out more about 'The Talk' Learning Resource or register your interest in receiving the free resources in 2022 please email thetalklearningresource@heartofglass.org.uk.

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