Wednesday 31st May 2017

Second conference focuses on key topics

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More than 100 people came to St Helens in May for second With For About conference held by Heart of Glass and AxisWeb.

The conference, titled With For About: Art, Activism & Community, took place at Friends Meeting House 16 invited speakers leading the discussion.

The audience joined them to explore three conversations on the fierce and urgent questions facing collaborative and social art today. Beyond the Rhetoric, On Collaboration and Solidarity and Action were all topics for the day with guests travelling from across Europe to attend.

Patrick Fox, Director of Heart of Glass, explained: “Using a series of statements as provocations by leading thinkers in the field, we explored collaboration, language and our role as artists, producers and commissioners in an ever-changing socio-political landscape.”

“Our programme is rooted in collaborative and social practice and embodies the principle of partnership. Our core value, philosophy and approach is founded on co-production with the community and the active participation of the collaborator, non-artist, audience and viewer, in the creation of great art. People both individually and within communities of place or interest, are central to both our thinking and our practice.”

“We partnered with Chrissie Tiller, idle women and Axisweb to produce the even and feel moments like this are an important part of our ongoing work, creating a space for debate and reflection, a critical space in which to examine our work, and the work of others internationally with a view to professionally developing our practice.”