Monday 6 November 2017

The Convivialist Toolbox

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Artist Susanne Bosch lead a workshop for regional artists as part of our continued professional development programme.

The event, which was attended by 42 artists focused on working with communities of place / interest.

With various artistic experiments and formats Bosch and the group looked at the nature of our interdependency and what every individual brings to the table.

The day offered open space between workshop, practice, constructive dispute, action and re-action.

Bosch explained before the event: “Experts of the everyday – as all participants are – are invited to share their knowledge and questions. We start the day at an agreed time, but will leave the end open for formats to emerge from the process. If one idea manifests in reality afterwards, a convivialist contribution has been made. A reporting back of manifested ideas and a documentation is highly welcomed. We are interested in the consequences of the NOW for TOMORROW. The toolbox day offers an experimental format of approaching a human, societal or globally urgent topic.”

convivialist* from the Latin ‘con-vivere’, to live together. The term is meant to point up the fact that the main task we face is that of working out a new philosophy and developing practical forms of peaceful interaction.