Sunday 12 November 2017

Mark Storor

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Mark Storor is an award winning British artist with an international reputation and extensive experience of working collaboratively with organisations and communities with little connection with the arts, and in sensitive settings.

Working in the space between live art and theatre, he has been described in the British press as: ‘a genuinely visionary theatre maker’, ‘an alchemist’, and ‘one of the most distinctive voices in British Theatre’.

His work is devised, often site specific and always collaborative. 
He specialises in giving voice to those we all too rarely choose to hear, often collaborating with people from vulnerable and marginalised communities and those living with chronic illness. He usually works over several years to create extraordinarily beautiful, delicate and uplifting theatre in which community performers and professionals work side by side in genuine partnership.

His work is intensely visual and poetic – images from his shows tend to stay with audiences forever. He is currently working with Heart of Glass on Baa Baa Baric: Have You Any Pull?