Monday 13 November 2017

idle women

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idle women offers a place for all women and girls to belong.

Founded by co-caretakers Cis O’Boyle and Rachel Anderson in 2015, idle women is an artist led organisation that initiates and creates contemporary art with and by women.

idle women is responding to the devastation caused by austerity cuts to women’s services and the systematic erasure of women’s contributions to public life. They believe in creating opportunities, networking and other connections with women across the UK and beyond, and nurturing¬†long term partnerships with specialist women’s providers.

In October 2017 the idle women institute was opened on Haydock Street, the venue was given a make over allowing it to be a safe, accessible and welcoming place for women to visit. A series of workshops and open days have taken place including car mechanics and boot camps for surviving and thriving.