Wednesday 17 February 2016

Open The Door

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Open The Door

 Open the Door was a project in collaboration with the Citi-Dis-Arts group and artists Michelle Wren, Naoise Martin-Johnson, Ann Whitehurst and Jude Woods supported by the Heart of Glass, The Citadel and St Helens Council.

The group came together for 9 weeks playing games, teaching each other Makaton, listening to music, talking and making art work about access and how our experience of St Helens town centre makes us feel.

The nature of the work created some really interesting conversations, including a range of issues from a lack of employment opportunities for disabled people to creating sensory rooms in stadia!

 The art group was made up of two groups, a group of assessors and a group of artists who responded to the assessments. Each week the assessors would go out and document places with good or bad access in town bringing back their findings to the group. The artists would then respond to the discussion, using different artistic techniques and mediums to create work.

The art response group is made up of Chris Coffey, Peter Freeman, Angela Friar, Rachel Friar, Sue Norris, Graham Rudge, Richard Smith, Geoff Tinsley and Ken Wallace.