Thursday 19 July 2018

Cathy Cross

Schools and Colleges Artist in Residence

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My work as an artist within schools and colleges is to question, challenge how we see space. I look for the spaces in schools and buildings that are ignored or not considered learning spaces, and use projection, lighting and sound with found or used objects to encourage audiences to see things differently. Lately I have been encouraging students to use their handheld devices as light and projection sources, finding impact with shadows and textures. The most successful projects for me are when we give the young people a voice. My work enables them to communicate their message and their voice visually. I always push people to see how to display work differently, whether projecting onto bodies, the ceiling, unusual surfaces or through their senses other than just sight. My work as Creative Director for Make Space Create has allowed me to work on large scale projects that enhance outdoor spaces for cultural events as well as small intimate story telling moments through immersive theatre approaches.