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Get Out! Too Much Information

27th Feb 2015
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Piccadilly Station Approach, Piccadilly, Manchester, UK
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Young people and people over 60 will give you a tour with a twist – having funny and frank conversations about the city they live in

Presented by Blast Theory in partnership with The Royal Exchange, Manchester. Too Much Information is a 45 minute audio walk around the streets of central Manchester with a twist.
Our guides on this tour are a group formed of both young people and people over 60 – having funny and frank conversations about the city they live in. Using a smartphone device audience members will uncover hidden stories, memories and secrets.

This innovative form of storytelling will hopefully prove to be interesting for the new Arts and Heritage Commissioners at the Heart of Glass – highlighting alternative ways of both telling stories about the towns and cities we live in and using digital technology.

27th Februrary 201


Meeting at Piccadilly Station

If you would like to book a place or have any questions about Too Much Information please contact Laura Swithenbank at info@heartofglass.org.uk or on 01744 455078. Please note that due to the limited about of tickets we possess, bookings will be on a first come first serve basis.