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The Mic Drop - Season Two, Episode Two: Gaming Culture

26th Mar 1st Apr 2021
Event Details
  • Podcast,
  • Collectivity
Creative Team
  • Contributor: Shay Thompson
  • Contributor and Project Assistant: Arthur Britney Joestar
  • Contributor and Project Artist: Larry Achiampong

The Mic Drop is a collaborative podcast with the sole purpose of creating a space ‘for migrants by migrants’ exercising agency and exchange through a shared space of collective thinking, storytelling and debate.

This week we'll listen in on a conversation between games industry presenter Shay Thompson, Mic Drop superstar Arthur Britney Joestar and artist Larry Achiampong. They'll be talking all things gaming, from Super Mario to Cyberpunk 2077 - how does gaming bring us together, do we feel community when in game space and how are we represented within this space?

Listen to The Mic Drop - Season Two, Episode Two: Gaming Culture, here:

About Shay

Shay Thompson is a presenter working in the games industry, currently presenting McLaren's Shadowcast, hosting panels and podcasts for Bafta and previously streaming for Xbox UK. Interests include romancing alien squadmates, spending too much time in the character creator and trying to pet all the cats. Shay is also the founder of Level Up Link Up, an event aiming to make the games industry a more diverse place.


Transcript of The Mic Drop - Season Two, Episode Two: Gaming Culture, here: