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The Mic Drop - Season One, Episode Four: Manono

13th Aug 2020
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  • Podcast,
  • Collectivity
Creative Team
  • Contributor: Manono
  • Interviewer: Adrian Mejia
  • Lead Artist: Larry Achiampong

The Mic Drop is a collaborative podcast with the sole purpose of creating a space ‘for migrants by migrants’ exercising agency and exchange through a shared space of collective thinking, storytelling and debate.

We're at Episode Four of Season One already and this week we listen in on a conversation between Liverpool lover and activist Manono, and our favourite Pokémon master Adrian Mejia. In this critical and honest conversation Adrian chats to Manono about discovering your sexuality, how this intertwines with your beliefs and the impacts of the immigration system in the UK.

Listen to The Mic Drop - Season One, Episode Four: Manono, here:


Transcript of The Mic Drop - Season One, Episode Four: Manono

Manono is interviewed by Adrian Mejia

"I am a gay asylum seeker from El Salvador. I've been in Liverpool for over two years. I'm still in the process to get my refugee status, now waiting for an answer from the upper tribunal. Since I came here I started to be involved as an artist on different events with Many Hands One Heart ( an LGBT Asylum support group), Crisis Merseyside and Earth Moves on the Wirral, delivering performances and helping to create shows, also as a volunteer creating short videos for charities."

You can listen to Adrian's episode of The Mic Drop here: Season One Episode One: Adrian