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2nd Dec 2019 9th Mar 2020

A coaching support programme for early career artists from any art form (3 - 6 years professional practice) directly engaged in or passionate about socially engaged practice.

Coaching is a short-term approach to professional development. It can help you to meet goals that seem out of reach, and unblock challenges that seem stuck. 'Rupture' used the format of group coaching for up to 12 early career artists, led by Sarah Bailey. Sarah is a trained coach with over 15 years experience in the cultural sector, helping people reconnect with their purpose; improve their working practice; discover new solutions to old problems; and, lead and support change.

The programme was comprised four day long sessions between December 2019 and March 2020. All sessions took place at Heart of Glass in St Helens.

‘Rupture’ forms part of Heart of Glass’ national professional development programme for artists, producers and commissioning agencies working in social and community contexts.

Contact Emma Fry (criticality@heartofglass.org.uk) with any questions or queries.

Feedback from participants

"Coaching is a form of magic - just like in the movies, you realise the answers were inside you the whole time! Being part of the rupture programme has had an immediate positive effect, obstacles that seemed insurmountable suddenly became challenges that could be broken down into actionable steps and I’ve made real progress towards my goals."

"Sarah was brilliant as the coach and she created a safe, fun and supportive environment in which to work with others. She was very skilled in listening to each of us and helping us to move our own thinking on. Sarah certainly did this for me."