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Queer Treatment- Creative Workshop with Amy Pennington

3rd Nov 2020
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  • Artist / facilitator : Amy Pennington

Inspired by their new film 4:3, Amy invites all LGBTQIA+ over 18’s to QUEER TREATMENT. An opportunity to come together online and explore our memories of queer representation.

As queers, feeling seen is vital for the affirmation of our identities. Amy remembers hunting out the Radio Times at their Comprehensive to see which queer characters were in the listings for that week. For a long time, left up to stuffy TV Execs, LGBTQIA+ visibility on telly was crap. We were laughed at, killed off, a spicy add on, a GBF, or a tragedy. So we often made our own icons. Whether Judy, Miss Piggy or James Dean, we saw something in them that excited us.

Our experiences will be similar but not all the same. Amy had access to 5 channels of possibility, which is more than some people had generations before. After terrestrial, then came infinite channels, the rise of the internet, illegal downloads, YouTube, Instagram SnapChat and TikTok. Who are our queer screen icons now? We’ve come a long way since the kiss on Brookside. Thank god for POSE, and more black queer and trans representation.

In this workshop we will be exploring our queer icons growing up. The good, the bad and the ugly - whether progressive, stereotyped, non existent or cancelled - these clumsy or cringy glimpses are ours. We will use these memories to create our own TV treatment, coming up with the characters, storylines, settings and drama for the weirdest, queerest show you’ve ever seen. This time we are the Execs. Deciding the who, what and when of our queer TV dreams. It’s kicking off between Toine Wilkins from Queen Sugar and Captain Jack Sparrow, Penny from Inspector Gadget is in a mard and Omar from The Wire is having none of it. Imagine!

A cathartic chance to connect with other queers and share our stories and experiences of growing up with the screen. Without shame, only laughter and endorphins.

To join Amy and be part of QUEER TREATMENT please book your free place via Eventbrite (click here)

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