Tuesday 25th August 2015

Knitbomb The Park

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Heart of Glass will launch St Helen’s first knitted park this September.

As part of TakeOverFest 2015, Friends Park on Shaw Street (behind the Quaker House) will be covered in knitted creations developed by local groups.

The project begins on the 19th of September and will grow and develop over the coming three months. Michelle Wren of Heart of Glass, said: “The aim is the create the world’s first knitted park. ‘Knit Bombing’ has really taken off recently, and it basically involves transforming environments with creative use of wool and knitting skills. We really want to do something imaginative and have lots of ideas”

Heart of Glass is currently looking for donations of wool and willing knitters or knitting groups to work with us. For more information, call 01744 623290 or email info@heartofglass.org.uk.