Saturday 29th June 2019

Radio Local: St Helens by Hunt & Darton (LIVE SHOW)

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Hunt & Darton are back in town! They're bringing their live radio show, RADIO LOCAL, to St Helens, and you can be part of it!


Saturday 29th June 8:00 am  —  8:00 pm


Church Square

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They’re back! Hunt & Darton, the decade-long Live Art collaboration between Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton, will be returning to Merseyside this Spring with their new project, Radio Local – a brand new hyper-local radio station, built with, by and for local people, telling your stories, sharing your news, playing your jingles and stay live for the duration of a day in its new home.

Be part of Radio Local in Church Square, St Helens on Saturday 29th June.

On Saturday 29th June, Hunt & Darton will be performing and broadcasting Radio Local live from Church Square in St Helens, providing 12 hours of art on the airwaves between 8am and 8pm! Expect features such as Making Words, Swapsies, Street Date, Soap Opera, Pick a Song and much much more!

Hunt & Darton will also be inviting guest artists and local legends to takeover for an hour and bring some of their own ideas to the mix. Discover the guest artists and local legends below.

Listen and take part in person in Church Square, St Helens between 8am and 8pm on Saturday 29th June, or via our local radio partner, WA12 Radio, powered by Newton Boys and Girls Club.

Supported by Arts Council England. Commissioned by Heart of Glass and presented in partnership with BuzzHub St Helens CDP , Newton Boys and Girls Club and WA12 Radio.

Image credit: Christa Holka

Introducing our Radio Local St Helens Local Legends 

Cllr Bisi Osundeko – St. Helens Councillor for Parr Ward

“I love the strong sense of community spirit that you will experience in St Helens. St. Helens has historically excelled in glassmaking and mining and this really makes our town’s history very inspiring. For someone who dislikes motorways, I find the roads in St Helens very motorist friendly. You’ll remember that St Helens has won an award for the most motorist friendly place to live in the UK. Parking fees are really affordable compared to any other part of the UK.

“When I go for a walk, I really can’t count how many elderly people stop me for a chat about how nice the weather is or a smile. People in St Helens love to compliment each other a lot. People really look out for each other. Look at Momos cafe and how people in St Helens came together to find their new shop. Our town is a very friendly town and I feel that our town has huge potentials. When you look at property prices, St Helens is one of the most affordable places to get on the property ladder. Lastly but certainly not the least, I love our parks and my children love going for walks in the duckeries in Parr, Taylor park and Vera page park. I’m really proud of our amazing St Helens town.”

Gary  ‘Dream’ Conley – Cultural Coordinator 

Gary is a linchpin of the St Helens Arts & Cultural Scene. What does he love about St Helens? “The people tell it like it is and never let you get too big for your boots !!!!!!” 

And a Radio Local jingle?   “Radio Local: Where the listener comes first!!!” – he’s a natural!

Gary is pictured pre or post gig with his band.








Fay Lamb 

Fay is Chief Executive of the Citadel Arts Centre, St Helens, and describes the Citadel as her St Helens love.

As you will probably be aware, The Citadel building will sadly be closing its doors on June 30th 2019, however The Citadel will continue to deliver a programme of activity for young people and families in St Helens.

On 29th June, Johnny Vegas, Citadel Patron since 2003, and friends are hosting a final farewell, fundraising event from 7-11pm! Tickets are sold out, but you can add your name to the waiting list here. And if you did manage to get tickets, why not join us for a fun-filled warm up at Radio Local in Church Square, from 8am!

Fun fact: Fay was once the North West Junior Tap Champion!

Kitty O’Shea 

“Did you know Elvis used to get Pimmies pies flown over to Graceland?  They didn’t have to bother about the carbon footprint then. They’d never heard of it.” 

The marvellous Kitty O’Shea will be arriving in a cloud of bright pink to join Hunt & Darton on the Radio Local airwaves, expect lots o’ laughs! Kitty is looking to talking about lots of different things, including the menopause,  “Now I’m 50! I can feel it brewing!” 



Ant Shea 

“We love a good moan, but there’s no place like home!” 

Tune in to find out what else the owner of Popin Th’attic, Ant Shea, loves about his home town of St Helens. We’re looking forward to hearing Ant talk about the work he does at Pop Boutique and the Plant Based Eatery.








Mike Lindley

Founder of The Museum of Regret and host of Radio KC radio show and blog ‘Ralph’s Life,’ Mike Lindley is a pillar of the StHelens art community and is a close friend of Heart of Glass. Tune in to Radio Local to hear Mike’s Desert Island Discs selection.










Steve Cocks

Head Coach at Wildcard Amateur Boxing Club, St Helens, DJ & entertainer, Steve says of St Helens, “I came here 15 years ago. It was raining..I’m still here today & guess what… STILL RAINING!!!”

Let’s hope the weather improves ready for Steve’s Local Legend slot on Radio Local!












Introducing our Radio Local St Helens Guest Artists 

Lucia Scazzocchio
As a sound artist, radio producer, community facilitator and educator,  has been nurturing and curating hyper-local social contexts, distilling diverse and disparate stories and conversations that weave individual personal stories into illustrating wider social contexts. She calls this ‘Social Broadcasting’. Driven by creating engaging participatory radio and audio experiences that she ‘audioscapes’ into imaginative on and off-line broadcast initiatives and formats, Social Broadcasting represents the versatility of audio as an evolving social and artistic medium. 



Rosana Cade and Siân Baxter

Rosana Cade and Siân Baxter are Glasgow based performance makers who share a love of absurd comedy, alliteration, and experimental art. They are excited to be at the beginning of their collaborative practice, bringing together Siân’s dj, comedy, and production skills with Rosana’s experience in socially engaged live art.

Rosana regularly tours across Europe with her acclaimed participatory performance Walking:Holding, and is involved in collaborations with other artists such as Ivor MacAskill, Nic Green, and Laura Bradshaw. She is also co-founder of Buzzcut Festival in Glasgow.

Siân is currently supporting artists Nick Cassenbaum, Amy Rosa, Rosana Cade, Lucy Hutson and also Take Me Somewhere Festival in Glasgow, as well as developing her comedy practice.


Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw – Split Britches 

Founded in New York in 1980 with Deb Margolin, Split Britches continues with the duo and solo work of Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw which spans satirical, gender-bending performance, methods for public engagement, videography, digital and print media, explorations of ageing and wellbeing, and iconic lesbian-feminist theatre.

Lois Weaver is an artist, activist and Professor of Contemporary Performance at Queen Mary University of London. Lois is a 2014 Guggenheim Fellow and a Wellcome Trust Engaging Science Fellow for 2016-18.

Peggy Shaw is a performer, writer, producer and teacher of writing and performance. She is a 2019 Guggenheim Fellow, a 2016 USA Artist Fellow, and was the 2014 recipient of the Doris Duke Artist Award.

Image credit: Claire Nolan 
The Barry and Barry Show – Cade & MacAskill

The Barry and Barry show is a surreal fictional radio show that is part of Moot Moot, a piece of theatre created by Cade & MacAskill who play Barry and Barry.


The Barry and Barry Show
‘A show that matters, all about the matters that matter most to you, today.’
Tune in to Doppelgänger DJs: Barry and Barry, as they dole our your daily dose of deep debate in their unstoppable phone in talk show.
They’re all ears, they’re the ears through the years, and they’re here to hear from you. So get in touch with The Barry and Barry Show…
Because it’s all about you and your opinions!


Moot Moot will be at Summerhall at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019 as part of the Made in Scotland and British Council showcase in August.

Image Credit: Niall Walker 
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