Friday 28th June 2019

#dearsthelens “What would a child-friendly town look like?”

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Are you a young person living in St Helens? We can’t wait to hear from you!

Inspired by our ongoing projects with schools and young people, we are teaming up with St Helens Council Children’s Services, and YOU on a long-term project with the aspiration of making St Helens a ‘Child-Friendly Town’.

We need you to lead this journey and find out: ‘what does a child-friendly town look like and feel like to live in?’

You can share your views on #dearsthelens postcards bring distributed to schools and community groups across the borough, by filling in the Google Form.  Follow the #dearsthelens journey via the social media channels below.

Find out more about #dearsthelens project here.

Pictured: Young people present on the steps of St Helens Town Hall, as part of the Army of Beauty.