Monday 2nd November 2015

The Loungs work with local musicians to make a new album

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St Helens indie band The Loungs will release their new album Short Cuts on Friday, November 6th through Fresh Hair Records and it will be available on CD or to download. On Friday evening, they will host an album release party at Cinema Bar, Duke Street in St.Helens, of which everyone is welcome.

Album Launch InternetThe Loungs were supported through our Prototype Projects strand from Round 1 to create a truly St Helens based album, working collaboratively with local string and brass sections, including violinist (Ruth Moss), celloist (Matthew Webster), trumpeter (Paul Arnold), trombonist (Micky Evans) and many other local creatives from St Helens. Martin Willis from The Loungs said “it was a great opportunity to form new creative relationships with local musicians of whom we hadn’t known or come into contact with before. And we hope to build on these new contacts and work with some of them again on future projects”.

The Loungs were originally going to work collaboratively on one song, but once the local musicians were in place with the co-operation of Catalyst Studios in St.Helens, they found ourselves able to use the commission further and invite other musicians to work with us on more tracks for the album. “The Prototype Projects commission that we received from Heart Of Glass was integral to the early stages of recording Short Cuts and it is important that artists and musicians (like us) get the chance to test or do something new”.

Listen to a track from the album, Everything Is Great or listen to the some of the tracks produced by The Loungs click here.

Watch the video below to hear more from Martin Wills and his Prototype Project.


The full list of collaborators & musicians are: Jamie Atherton: Vocals – Guitar, Daniel Castrogiovanni: Guitar, Neil Conway: Vocals – Bass Guitar, Paul Nicholson: Vocals – Guitar, Gareth Pickett: Drums, Martin Wills: Vocals – Keyboards – Production, Paul Arnold: Trumpet, Micky Evans: Trombone, Matthew Webster: Cello, Ruth Moss: Violin – String Arrangements and Andrew Bowes: Production – Mastering.

If you have an idea that would like to discuss with us and/or you are thinking about submitting a Prototype Projects application click here


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