Wednesday 11th November 2015

“The Crumble Lady” to perform at Camp

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The latest name added to the Camp line up has caused quite a stir.

Lorraine Bowen has joined an already exciting roll call for the show at The Citadel Theatre on Friday, December 4th.

Now known nationally as The Crumble Lady, Lorraine won David Walliams’ Golden Buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent 2015. Since then she has attracted tens of thousands of new fans of all ages; children are singing the Crumble Song at school, as are grown men in factories. Ahead of her appearance at Camp we caught up with Lorraine to find out what she really thinks of northerners…

You’ve been performing for audiences across the UK long before your appearance on Britain’s Got Talent – why did you decide to audition?

 I’ve always wondered what it would be like to perform on a major TV channel at peak time on a Saturday night! I’ve hidden myself away for many years in eccentric cabaret clubs, doing strange events and performing in gay bars. Going on the TV was a revelation of what it’s like to be spotted by a main-stream audience! In the end it was my friend down the coast who persuaded me to go for an audition.  I’m actually very grateful to her – it’s been a bit of a blast!

Is it strange having fans across the country singing the crumble song?

Yes! Not only in this country but in Australia and New Zealand as the show was shown there as well. I’m just about to send off two CDs to the Channel Islands too!

Do you have a soft spot for David for putting you through with his golden buzzer?

Absolutely! What a star! On the day of the audition the drama and the crowd cheering whilst the judges were buzzing me off was just hilarious!  It was brilliantly edited mind you! And I had no idea what the gold falling down was all about. I’d never seen the programme – I thought BGT was for dog lovers and acrobats! I just couldn’t believe it when they told me I was through to the semi- finals. Unbelievable! But I got to work with Brian Friedman who has choreographed Beyonce and the like so it’s all down to David!

You’re new single is an ode to the city of Hull – do you like the north?

Since BGT, I’ve been sent on many appearances up and down the country… mainly up!  Hull was one of my first shows and I had vague memories from years ago of it being pretty rough. I was wrong! The whole experience going to Hull was fabulous. People were friendly and the city is shaping up nicely for the City of Culture 2017. I wrote a song in celebration not only of Hull, but the song has a Northern flavour and I wanted to capture the greatness of the North and its past and present.

It’s a Southern Softie/London-centric attitude that Up North is either lacking or nothing going on. That attitude is wrong! I believe that The North will be somewhere all Londoners look up to in the end! The people have passion, vitality and a wholehearty outlook! That’s often missing down South.