Tuesday 17th November 2015

Storytelling on the move

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As part of Through The Looking Glass (A Weekend of Performances to watch and be part of) Marcia Farquhar is taking local people on a stroll around the town centre on a one off walking tour.

The tour starts near the entrance of The Range Store on Chalon Way West at 12pm on Saturday (November 20th).

The Hotties, Darwins Music Shop, The Hunt & Darton Café, The George Pub, The Citadel Theatre and Victoria Square are all locations on the tour which promises surprises throughout.

Marcia, who has been visiting St Helens recently to research the town and meet locals, explained: “A Song for St Helens is storytelling on the move, travelling through St Helens in every sense. Although I take the places I visit seriously, what I do is a bit of comedic take on tour guiding. As an outsider to the town I see St Helens differently to local people.”

“I’ve found intriguing places here, for instance Darwins Music Shop. I love guitar shops because play can go there and dream. I met John Darwin and asked him if he could get all of his guitar playing friends to play and at 1.15pm on Saturday that will be part of the tour.”

“There a few surprises, we kick off at the stagnate end of the Hotties canal, you can recognise it by the half submerged shopping trolleys! But if you want to join us you will see me at 12pm on Saturday just to the right of the entrance of The Range store on Chalon Way.

People are encouraged to stay for the entire tour, but welcome to join or leave at the different locations.

Marisa is an artist working in performance, photography, painting and object-making. Her site-specific works have been staged and exhibited internationally in museums and galleries, as well as in lecture theatres, kitchen showrooms, hotels, pubs, parks and leisure centres.

Free tickets are available, booking in essential.

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