Monday 5th December 2016

Scottee and his gang return to St Helens

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Scottee is back in St Helens and he’s heading for another sell out.

The artist curated the #TakeOverFest festival that saw art in places you wouldn’t usually expect including disused shops, taxi and opera in a chimney.

We are delighted to welcome him back for one night only, this time for Scottee’s Party Piece.

Scottee explained the new show, he said: “I’m inviting people to take centre stage and share their party piece. I’ll be hosting the show with some special guests and I’m proper excited about being back in the land of pie barms!

“St Helens folk have always been up for the silly, stupid and sometimes ridiculous things I’ve thrown at them. Party Piece is going to really test you lot on what constitutes entertainment – it’ll be a bit like the rubbish ones of Britain’s Got Talent, only funnier.”

“I want the people of St Helens to take centre stage. Whether you’re a champion gurner, know how to cry milk, can recite the periodic table, fancy trying to juggle shoes whilst doing a forward roll, hula better than Grace Jones or just want to share your Cher impression.”

For tickets to see Scottee’s Party Piece call The Citadel on 01744 735436 or book online here.