Thursday 5th November 2015

Review: Haunted Furnace

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Simon Mulligan of The St Helens Star braved The Haunted Furnace 

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IT IS a tour of the World of Glass you will never forget as The Haunted Furnace is brought to life this Hallowe’en.

Part of the Heart of Glass’ Take Over Fest, the show involves a group of 25 young women from across the borough bringing St Helens’ very own haunted walks.

The ghost tour is inspired by the history of the World of Glass furnace and offers the audience a visually striking and atmospheric experience.

The show is directed by renowned artist Marisa Carnesky and associate producer Victoria Edgerton has also worked with the all-female cast to create the spooky story.

Greeted by the ‘Pilkington Sisters’ the spooky interactive show takes you from the museum down to the underground tunnels of the original Pilkington’s glass factory.

For anyone who enjoys suspense, the show has it is in abundance as the spooky atmosphere gradually builds as you are taken outside from the ‘safety’ of the museum and into the dark tunnels.

With the audience always wary of what’s going to happen next or what could be behind them, it is the perfect atmospheric Hallowe’en show.

The interactive element of the performance only adds to the effect with the audience always involved and never quite allowed to feel fully at ease.

Added to the chilling atmosphere, the striking costumes, make-up and set elements help create a memorable visual performance.