Saturday 14 November 2015

Marisa Carnesky

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Marisa Carnesky worked in collaboration with Lisa Lee And local artist Victoria Edgerton on Haunted Furnace.

The scary walkabout performances featuring live performers in the haunted Hotties furnace at The World of Glass.

The interactive shows, which sold out within a week, were put together with 27 females from St Helens.

Marisa and the team were able to work first hand with the participants to create a show that surprised at every turn and reveal a series of mysterious ghostly stories of St Helens.

Haunted Furnace took over the underground tunnels of the original Pilkington’s glass factory (now The World of Glass Museum).

Carnesky, who directed the shows, is responsible for original interactive shows that work with themes of the funfair, magic illusions, horror and the bizarre.

This project was part of the TakeOverFest, a Heart of Glass initiative developed and directed by SCOTTEE for St. Helens. Supported by the Helena Housing Make it Happen project.