Wednesday 14th January 2015

Be part of the Heart

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Heart of Glass is on the lookout for dedicated people in St Helens who can provide ‘The Heart’ of an exciting arts project.

The project is the boroughs ambitious response to Arts Council England’s (ACE) Creative Places and People Programme (CPP). Now the search is on for local people that can help Heart of Glass develop a unique, distinctive and sustainable arts programme.

It’s hoped ‘The Heart’ can be a strong local network of volunteers with opportunities starting from 2015.

Patrick Fox, Director, said: “Heart of Glass places the town’s unique cultural heritage at its core, using our passion for rugby and our industrial excellence in glass technology as our departure points for exploring how the arts can create a new cultural identity for St Helens.

“Our vision, to be achieved through Heart of Glass, is a robust and vibrant arts sector that is valued by our communities and which is nationally and internationally recognised.

“We believe that world-class artists (local, national and international) in collaboration with St Helens communities will increase curiosity, participation and audiences for ambitious and extraordinary arts programming.

“With this in mind, we are seeking volunteers to become part of the programme, by joining an Arts + Community Network that will inform and drive aspects of the Heart of Glass programme.”

We aim to create a pool of individuals and groups who at different times throughout the programme will come together to make decisions, support research, create project briefs, provide local intelligence and advice; and support the delivery of the Heart of Glass programme.

The creative programme will be based upon research carried out by and with local people and organisations, enabling St Helens citizens to experience distinctive commissions contextualised and driven by local knowledge.

If you are interested in joining The Heart, you simply need to send an email to stating your interest, and telling us a bit about yourself. You can also telephone Laura Swithenbank, Heart of Glass Programme Research Assistant on 01744 455087 and have a quick chat.