Monday 2nd November 2015

Hunt & Darton Café opens

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The Hunt & Darton Café is a functional café that blends art with the everyday, it’s a social and artistic hub where spontaneity and performance meet great food and drink.

The pop up café is situated at No.6 Church Square, St Helens Town Centre and opens it’s doors on Wednesday, November 4th. Jenny Hunt explained: “The Hunt & Darton Café is a pop up café, it’s art in the shape of food. It’s a fully functionally café so you can come in for a cup of tea and something to eat, but you can also order a performance to your table. We are the hosts, so we are hoping people will come along and see us.”


The Hunt & Darton Cafe encourages playful participation and meaningful social encounters. It can operate as an offsite micro-venue or temporarily transform an existing space in a gallery, theatre, public building or be outdoors under canvas. Whether seeking surprising art or a relaxing place to spend the afternoon, customers can expect a welcoming atmosphere and food served with a twist. This is an exciting, innovative and entrepreneurial project unveiling and celebrating the ‘Cafe’ as an iconic and socially important hub for creative productivity and conversation.

The Cafe takes over empty shops, often working with council initiatives and art centres to benefit and increase artistic activity within the area. The alternative service from Hunt & Darton themselves (often wearing their iconic pineapple outfits and hats) comprises deadpan style and theme days such as ‘you-do-it-day’ where customers are encouraged to serve each other. Hunt & Darton also commission local artists to wait on the tables and create unique performances as they serve.

The Hunt and Darton Café opens on Wednesday, November 4th 10am-5pm (closed on Sunday and Monday. It closes on November 21st.