Thursday 19th November 2015

St Helens writer works with mentor

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Writer, Lynn Gerrard has been supported through our Prototype Projects strand of work to write and develop a new script based on stories and experiences of mental illness. This month, Lynn met up with her mentor Louise Wallwein, an artist, poet & playwright from Manchester, whose work has been performed all over the UK and across the globe, including Glue – a true story based on meetings with her birth mother, three decades after being put up for adoption.

On her experience so far, Lynn said:

I feel the first meeting with my mentor, Louise Wallwein, went very well! Louise has an impressive catalogue of achievements behind her and I am certain that under her mentorship, her experience to date will prove vital to my evolution as both a playwright and as a writer in general.

It was a relief and a delight to find that Louise likes the concept of the play. Indeed, she has given me some useful exercises, books to read, plays to look at and other disciplinary pointers which will no doubt prove crucial to the play’s continuing development. 

Thanks to the mental stimulation provided through this one meeting, I am already considering and utilising various channels of further exploration and am highly encouraged to glean more from our continuing relationship as mentor and mentee. I will be forwarding my first draft of the play to her next month and we will meet again in January to discuss and implement what happens next.

It was difficult at the beginning, but I have finally called my play ‘I’m Not All There’. I chose that name because where I come from that phrase was frequently used as a derogatory term for anyone with mental issues. I want to use that title as a thread within the play because it is quite true….people with mental issues, like myself,  are ‘not all there’……we are so much more than the discriminatory eye perceives!!! And so I feel the title fits the play perfectly given the play’s objectives.”

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