Wednesday 18th November 2015

Manifestoval comes to St Helens on Saturday

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A family of Merseyside artists are using a bench to give people the chance to sit, chat, grumble and celebrate the town’s issues.

On Saturday, November 21st The Institute for The Art and Practice of Dissent at Home bring ‘Manifestoval’ to St Helens Town Centre.

Heart of Glass have commissioned the artists as part of Through The Looking Glass, a weekend of performances to watch and be part of.

Gary Anderson of The Institute, said: “We are a family of artist activists from Liverpool, who since 2008 have been getting up the noses of people who don’t care much about where other people live, study or sit.

“As part of the Through the Looking Glass we have been commissioned to create a new manifesto for St Helens. We know St Helens is great, but what would make it even better! We want to find out.”

“On Saturday we want St Heleners to come and have a sit on the bench and tell us what they think. We’ll put it all together and present the St Helens Manifesto at the end of the day from the bench.”

The Institute have been visiting St Helens recently and have responded to a big talking point in the town – the removal of the Hardshaw Centre benches.

“We chose a bench because the people of St Helens were stripped of their benches in the Hardshaw Centre. Being local we know there’s no fooling people here. We want to bring it back for the day, but this time all around the town centre.”

“It’s a place to sit and chat, grumble or celebrate, have a cup of tea and slice of cake. It’s the beginning of a long-term project with the people of St Helens around town centre improvements. People have things they want to say and hope the bench can be a platform for them.”