Heart of Glass is seeking women of all ages to uncover some of the characters, events and the secrets of the past, the infamous and the everyday occurrences that formed the St Helens we know today.

With thScreen Shot 2016-02-01 at 14.51.59e past in front of me I walk backwards into the future… is an exciting new project by producer Rachel Anderson.

The project includes a series of free to attend events at Heart of Glass. These will take place from February to April and include activities such as readings by psychic mediums, story-telling and sessions lead by local historians, a family tree researchers and a family constellation practitioner.

Each evening will be different. The sessions will be held every fortnight from 5.30pm – 8.30pm at Heart of Glass, former Beecham’s Building, Water Street. Food and drink will be provided.

Rachel Anderson of Idle Women, said: “By uncovering the stories of the women of St. Helens, we remember the things we’ve forgotten.

“All of us, whether we knew our parents or not have 16,384 ancestors if we go back just fourteen generations. Some of these ancestors hold the key to the things we don’t understand in ourselves today.”

“We will start the journey with a series of genealogy workshops and from there we will explore other ways of unearth the secrets and characters that formed the streets we live in.”


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