Wednesday 17th February 2016

Game of Access

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St Helens is set to get its very own board game thanks to an art project working in collaboration with disabled people in the borough.

Game%20of%20Access%20StreetWorkshops at The Citadel Theatre will help shape Game of Access, which will be produced and available to play in St Helens.
St Helens artist Michelle Wren is joined by Jude Wood and Ann Whitehurst.

Michelle, said: “We want disabled people to come and help us with ideas for a board game. The game will be for people to play and learn about access. We want to use art and stories to make the game funny, bold and colourful.”

Workshops will be held at the Citadel every Wednesday from 10.00-12.00 beginning on 2nd March. Workshops are free to attend and you don’t need to have a lot of experience in the arts to attend.

Please call, text or email Laura to let us know you are coming on 07926363679 or . We want to make sure that as many people who want to join in can so please let Laura know if you have any access requirements.

Artist Biographies


Michelle Wren

I am an artist from St Helens my work focuses on creating a commentary through visual narratives about the current political or social climates of the area I am working within. I take inspiration from the place and use the stories of its people to create work that inspires positive social change within a community. You can get examples of previous work and projects I have conducted on my website


Jude Woods

Jude Woods combines her visual arts practice, community curatorial projects, groupwork and training with activism. She is a skilled, gregarious facilitator with over thirty years of experience of groupwork and equality training with particular expertise in the field of violence and abuse. She has proven her success at sustaining a freelance career spanning: community arts, equality and diversity training, training consultation, creating original training materials, developing policy and good practice in social care provision and research. This work reflects a long term focus on multiple discrimination and intersectionality informed by research and exploration across the fields of sociology; criminology; social history; art history and visual theory; theories of embodiment, disability and neuro-atypicality; queer theory; feminism; bioethics; and philosophy.


Ann Whitehurst

I’m a disabled, working class, female artist and I believe anything and everything is the material of art making – politics, dreams, landscape, analysis, fabric, image making, words, friendship, actions, films, cooking, love, analysis of our planet and it’s power structures. My work is to challenge the very existence of the ‘norm’ – challenge and so liberate the conforming and their limited and limiting understanding of life, politics and culture. Diversity in body, psychology and awareness doesn’t restrict it advances.