Wednesday 15th June 2016

Choir project has St Helens singing

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Artists Katie Musgrove & Alex Douglas are currently working on a Heart of Glass Prototype Project.

HOG: Tell us a little about your Prototype Project ‘Songs of Hope and Joy?

Katie: ‘Songs of Hope and Joy’ is a collaborative gospel music project between St Helens Gospel Choir (SHGC) and ADM Productions. Over the course of 9 months A

For this project I am picking up my Project Manager hat and am responsible for all the background organisation rather than the creativity or workshop delivery. However, in this context ‘organisation’ requires a certain level of creative thinking.

You’ll be working with St Helens Gospel Choir on the project, how did you introduce the idea to them and what was their response?

We were really keen to run a community based gospel project and, luckily enough, St Helens already has a well established gospel choir! Not only have they been running for around 10 years, but they are absolutely lovely people led by a classical musician keen to learn more about gospel music. Within the first few minutes of visiting them at one of their weekly rehearsals Alex and I knew we could work with them and take them on a musical and personal journey. Would they be up for it? The resounding answer was…YES!

You’re also working with Conductor & Choral Leader, Alexander Douglas. Tell us a little about Alexander and his role in the project?

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.17.55Alex and I have worked together on various music projects for the last 10 years and formed ADM Productions around 18 months ago. ADM Productions works across three genres of music – classical, jazz and gospel – all three of which Alex has expertise in. Unusual? Yes…but then so is Alex! Alex is an African-born-Caribbean who’s lived the majority of his life here in the UK. Coming from a church background, composing, playing and directing gospel music comes as naturally as breathing to him. But, having studied (at Master’s level) Jazz Performance and Classical Choral Conducting he has a few more strings to his bow! Unsurprisingly Alex is the musical force behind this project.

Are you looking forward to working collaboratively?

Definitely! Both Alex and myself love to collaborate…we like to say thSHGC library workshop1at ADM Productions are ‘serial collaborators’ as well have seen time and again how much more can be achieved by working with others….especially others who are different ourselves. This project is designed to give and to share, but we are also very much looking forward to learning too.

Is there anything the general public in St Helens can come along and see?

Yes. We will be holding open gospel workshops for everyone and anyone to come and have a go in the main library (dates/times TBC) and there will be a gig to come to in the Parish Church in November.

What is your ideal result from your project?

There will be so many results during this project – some will be individual and personal, some will be collective and public. Ultimately, we hope that each and every one of those who either take part or listen as an audience member take away with them songs of hope and joy.


Gospel Choir Workshop

Monday, July 18th

St Helens Central Library

Victoria Square

St Helens

WA10 1HP.