Tuesday 28th July 2015

Brass Calls project set for Church Square

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A new artistic collaboration is set to bring St Helens’ issues to the forefront with musical compositions played into and placards paraded around, Church Square.

Artist duo French & Mottershead have been researching, interviewing and earwigging in a bid to capture a sense of the borough’s affairs and relay them in 16 bugle calls.

The project, named Brass Calls, is made up of short musical pieces that will call on people to take action. The artists hope the work will fill Church Square with sudden, short, brilliant music that passers-by will hear while shopping and walking.

Working with composer Adam D J Taylor, the calls have been created from gathering of personal tales and local phrases, turned into musical scores which have been performed and recorded by The Haydock Band.

The project takes place on Friday & Saturday, August 7 & 8 with the calls played over speakers around Church Square as contemporary ‘Calls to Action’ Bugle calls.

Locally-relevant issues such as zero hour contracts; town centre skateboarding, the Hardshaw Centre benches and Saints are on the agenda, along with personable tales from St Heleners.

The bugle calls will be accompanied by placards held up with printed lyrics and there’ll be the chance for people to follow the events on Twitter with the hashtag #BrassCalls and handle @theheartofglass.

Artist’s French & Mottershead, said: “The subjects we have chosen to convey in these calls are human stories about relationships to one another, to work, and the town. The calls take note of personal or public situations raised by a variety of local people during interviews and workshops.

“Each mini-drama has inspired a lyric, written as a short poetic call to action. From a parent calling ‘get out yer pit’ to their teenager, to a skateboarder defending their rights, and the clarion call to keep the last glass ‘ribbon floatin’. These are then elevated into brief, beautiful musical phrases to fill Church Square.”

The collaboration has been a new endeavour for The Haydock Band, one of the oldest community organisations in St Helens.

Lisa Forbes, Contest Secretary of The Haydock Band, said: “We have enjoyed working on Bugle Call project as this has taken us outside our comfort zone of traditional brass music. We have enjoyed the experience of working with French & Mottershead researching ideas and with the composer to perform a range of bugle calls relating to St Helens Town.