Thursday 5th November 2015

Artist creates a walk-in camera obscura shed

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Local artist Lisa Farrington (née Barry) has created a walk-in Camera Obscura Shed that is currently on display at the Mansion House, Victoria Park, St Helens until 3pm on Friday, November 6th.

Lisa’s idea was awarded a Prototype Projects commission from Round 2, because she wanted the local community to learn more about the simple principles of photography and allow people to experience the camera obscura .

Camera Obscura Shed has an optical device (a mirror & lens) on it’s roof that records and projects images of it’s surroundings from within. People are invited inside the darkened shed to view the captured images, moving like unrecorded video, which are temporary and never to be seen again.



Lisa said, “I have enjoyed seeing and overhearing the people’s reactions. When they are inside working the camera, I can mostly hear, oohs, ahhs and laughter, and them taking about what they can see outside. If they don’t know what a camera obscura is, they definitely know what it is when they step outside the shed”.

Comments have ranged from: “cool, amazing and great” to “it’s like a periscope” or “I didn’t realise it would be in colour” because the person understood camera obscura to be old, black & white photography.  One lady said, “I think I did something at school like this with a box and a pinhole” and this is very satisfying for the artist, because it shows a perfect understanding of the principles of light and photography.

Camera Obscura Shed has be situated at the Mansion House, Victoria Park, St Helens from 2nd – 6th November 2015 (closing at 3pm on Friday). Visit the Camera Obscura Shed Facebook page

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