Thursday 26th November 2015

A weekend like no other….

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We’re taking a collective breath after an action packed weekend with some of the UK’s most original artists and performers. Thank you for joining us, and for those of you that couldn’t make it, here’s a recap.

This past Friday & Saturday (November 19th & 20th) we gave you guided tours, impossible dreams, imaginary animals, bench conversations, and a night of showbiz and vanguard variety as part of Through the Looking Glass – Live Art weekender.


The Duckie crew came to town and attracted a big crowd with their show Twenty First Century Music Hall at The Citadel Theatre.

On Saturday The Institute for The Art and Practice of Dissent at Home turned heads in the town centre, dragging a bench around town giving people the chance to sit, chat, grumble and celebrate the town’s big issues.

Nearby in St Mary’s Market, our Family Art Club hosted ‘Pedigree Chums as renowned psychozoologist and disciplinarian, Madame Bona and her best friend Strokey the dog invited families to take part in a workshop like no other. Kids transformed family members into the pets they’ve always dreamed.

In the Beecham’s Building local artists presented their impossible ideas for St Helens following workshops with Joshua Sofaer and Karen Christopher.

Meanwhile Marcia Farquhar took guests on an alternative tour through the legendary, the lost and the living histories of St Helens, including a memorable visit to Darwin’s Guitar Shop.










The events and workshops were part of Through the Looking Glass, a Heart of Glass initiative developed by Live Art Development Agency for St. Helens