Thursday 20th December 2018

A Royal Wrap Party: Photo Gallery

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On Thursday 13th December we celebrated a fantastic 150th anniversary year for St Helens with A Royal Wrap Party hosted by our Party Political Artists in Residence, Eggs Collective, and their friends at The Citadel theatre.

What an evening it was! There were sing-a-longs, there were drum-a-longs and there were lots of laughs as a variety of acts took to the stage.

Here’s a round up of the evening, complete with photos!

Léonie and Lowri of Eggs Collective present the first act.
The night was compered by Léonie and Lowri of Eggs Collective. 


Kitty O'Shea dressed in head to toe pink stands in front of a banner reading A Royal Wrap Party
The first act on stage was St Helens very own Kitty O’Shea who shared her royal research at St Helens Archives with us to the sound of tunes from DJ MrsBaxter2U.


Kitty O'Shea sings to the audience.
Kitty O’Shea gives us a rendition of Barbara Streisand’s ‘Papa, Can You Hear Me?’  


Leonie and Lowri from Eggs Collective lead the audience in a sing-a-long.
Eggs Collective lead us in a sing-a-long of a song written by residents of Parr Mount Court earlier this year. 


Three male members of a drum troupe play the drums in front of a banner reading A Right Royal Wrap Party
Drum troupe Luma Creations return to St Helens. 


Two members of the audience join Luma Creations on the stage to play the drums.
Luma Creations invite audience members to join them on stage, including our very own Suzanne!


Members of the audience make brightly coloured crowns with Sam of Might Heart Theatre.
Did you make a crown with Sam from Might Heart Theatre? Who did you choose as your queen? Or perhaps you chose a cat?  


A crown made of tinsel, cardboard and baubles featuring an image of Joan of Arc.
A crown featuring Joan of Arc.


Artist Amy Pennington shows a dart board attached to her chest.
Artist Amy Pennington introduces the audience to the game of ‘bargain bully’ – did you dare to throw darts at Amy?! 


Kitty O' Shea throws a magnetic dart towards the dart board on Amy Pennington's chest
Kitty O’Shea takes part in ‘bargain bully’ to win a Barbara Streisand record, and wins!  
Comedian Stephen Bailey performs his comedy set wearing a pink suit.
The final act of the night was comedian and TV star, Stephen Bailey.