Sunday 13th March 2016

A Proper St Helens Knees Up

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There was standing room only at The Citadel Theatre on Sunday (March 13th) for A Proper St Helens Knees Up.

Sara & Léonie of Eggs Collective have been working with residents from Reeve Court, Raglan Court and Parr Mount to create a one off afternoon of St Helens entertainment at The Citadel Theatre on Waterloo Street.

Comedy, threatre, pints and Pimmies pies were the order of the day as the sell out crowd enjoyed a truly unique ‘Sin Tellins’ shows.

At the time at the workshops residents were understanbly nervy about appearing on stage, but they delivered in style in front of a packed out threatre.


HOG Scheme workshops_low res_36

The art duo talk us through how they got involved in the project ahead of the performance

“Since January, we have been spending a lot of time here in St Helens. We’ve learnt a lot, not least that the proper way to pronounce it is ‘Sin Telins’. We knew very little about this town before we arrived, apart from the old ‘St Helens Glass, *dun dun* has the class’ radio jingle that played out across Manchester for most of the 1990s. Now, thanks to the generosity, kindness and pride of the locals who have shared their stories with us, we’d like to think we’re St Helens experts.”

“When Heart of Glass asked us to make this show, we decided that we wanted to make it a show that couldn’t have been made anywhere else in the world. We wanted it to be something specifically ‘St Helens’. But we didn’t know where to start. Luckily, we met people from all over the town who have given us a thorough education.”HOG Scheme workshops_low res_61

“Something that was mentioned by everyone we spoke to was big nights out, club land, good times. Turns and committee men and sitting at the same table in the same club with the same group of friends every week. It is these stories have inspired the tone of this afternoon’s performance. We wanted it to feel part-party, part-show, where anything goes and everyone’s welcome.”

“We’ve learnt that St Helens is somewhere that
proud to be from. And we’re proud to call ourselves friends.”