Monday 4th April 2016

St Helens Goes Pop!

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St Helens Goes Pop! is an exhibition by Drunk Wolf, which opens in St Helens this month.

We chatted to the artist about the work.

Hi Drunk Wolf, tell us about your work?

DW: I’m a mixed media artist, specialising in spray painting and digital art. The latter came about as a result of regularly using Photoshop and Illustrator to manipulate images to work into stencils for my spray-painting, so I decided to sit and self teach various techniques associated with it

How long have you been involved in art?

I’ve always been creative, but its only been over the last couple of years I’ve moved up a gear, aimed to develop my own style and put my work forward for exhibitions, competitions and for purchase.

Who is the exhibition for?

St Helens Goes Pop is something I’ve tried to make accessible to everyone.

Although the art styles are quite contemporary, the themes involved appeal to people both young and old and although there’s a healthy dose of St Helens in the artwork, there’s also some with much broader appeal.

I’m hoping everything that’s in there can be relatable to everyone on some level.

How has St Helens inspired the exhibition?

I’ve grown up in St. Helens and predominantly, the show is effectively a snapshot of all the things that I’ve come to associate with the town through out my life.

The people, the places, the good, the history. That is all in there. I’m hoping that the show can also inspire thought from the people of St Helens. 12 months ago, I was messing around without really much direction and had never exhibited my work. Through interacting with other local artists and groups it helped give me the confidence to make the next steps, now here I am with two shows to prepare for. There’s a lot of talent in St Helens, you just have to see the artwork submitted by all entrants in to the various opens to see that.

What would you say to an art newcomer to get them in to see your exhibition?

Its just as much a new experience for me as it is them. One thing I don’t do is take myself too seriously and I feel that is reflected in some of my work. So if you want to see relatable material depicted in art form then this is something worth coming to see.

St Helens Goes Pop! is a new Prototype Project from Round 4, an exciting programme of small and ambitious art projects developed by artists and local creative communities across St Helens.

For more information about Prototype Projects click here