Monday 4th April 2016

Uplifting exhibition opens in St Helens

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Morning Light

St Helens artist Nicola Bibby has opened her photography exhibition in The World of Glass Museum.

The Prototype Project, entitled Narratives and Meaningful Objects is in the museum from Saturday, April 2nd until Thursday 28th April 2016.

With the support of funding from Heart of Glass, Nicola said: “Receiving a Prototype Projects award has afforded me the opportunity to involve myself in specific and tailored photography training with photographer Mark Tattersall. This was invaluable and had a direct input on my approach and completion of this project”.

“Over the last year, I have invited older residents from St Helens to share with me, a memory, a story, or a reflection about an object, which has meaningful attachment to them and can be recorded or documented visually.

“For me, the process has been both rewarding and fulfilling. I recognise a common thread that runs through all of the stories, which has been the essentially positive, always uplifting, and most importantly, life-affirming nature of the stories told to me. People’s generosity of spirit and willingness to share their memories has been key in helping bring my project to life.”

“I hope that my photographs will play their part in documenting moments and experiences from the lives of people from St Helens.”

For more information about Prototype Projects click here